Essential Soft Skills for Managers

Build on your existing technical and professional skills and learn how to communicate with effect, engender trust and understanding through building rapport, manage conflicts or difficult situations and understand how you are perceived by others to make you even more effective in your role as a Manager.  

Duration: 2 day – Interactive Course
Certification: Certificate of Attendance

Course Overview
This two day training course will help you to capitalise on your existing skills and learn new ways to improve your overall effectiveness as a Manager. In most roles within business there is quite often a dependency on others to achieve success, whether that be your team, other departments, suppliers or customers. Your ability to communicate and build relationships with the entities with which you interact is crucial to your ability to deliver results. By attending this 2 day programme, you will learn how to interact with other people to improve cooperation, reduce conflict, maximise everyone’s productivity and achieve increased personal effectiveness.

Who should attend?
This training course is particularly beneficial for anyone in a Managerial role, although it would be equally beneficial for anyone looking to improve their effectiveness within the work place.

Top 5 Learning Points:

  • Learn to build rapport – an essential skill for building relationships and engendering trust
  • Understand how our minds process information and give meaning to our experiences.
  • Learn how to improve your communication skills to ensure that you communicate with impact. (includes use of body language)
  • Increase your self awareness through appreciating how you are perceived by others.
  • Learn how to generate new ideas and options to help deal with conflict or difficult situations.

Training Course content:

  • Understanding Communication – How our minds process and give meaning to our experiences.
  • The principles and mindset for success – How to operate from an empowered position.
  • How to build rapport easily and effortlessly.
  • An appreciation of multi-dimensional views, including a self assessment of how you are currently perceived by others.
  • Understanding and utilising Sensory Based Language to communicate more effectively. Identifying language preferences in self and others.
  • Managing your state – learn how to control your emotions and get into ‘the’ right state as opposed to ‘a’ right state.
  • Understanding and appreciating your own values and the values of others at work and the important role that they play.

Why train with us?
Unique Minds are providers of high quality Personal Development and Business Training for people like you. Like you, we are highly results driven and our aim is to deliver the performance improvements that will make you and/or your business even more effective and will get you the improved results that you are looking for.

All Training Programmes delivered by Unique Minds are based on the tools and techniques of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and provide individuals with ‘Life Skills’ that will empower them to bring about positive change in their lives whether that be inside or outside the workplace. NLP techniques are extremely flexible and can be applied in many different ways and in all aspects of life. The results will speak for themselves. At Unique Minds we believe that NLP based coaching and training is true investment in people as it recognises and celebrates people as individuals and enables them to become even more responsible for their behaviours, their results, their lives.

*We’re so confident that you will be pleased with the results that you get from attending this training course that we offer a 100% refund to anyone who is not.

Looking for in-house delivery?
If you require this training course delivered in-house, please contact us to discuss. All of our training courses can be tailored to suit your needs.

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