Professional Development Coaching and Training for Success

Unique Minds are providers of high quality Professional Development Coaching and Training for Business and Healthcare Professionals. Like you, we are highly results driven and our aim is to deliver the performance improvements that will make you and/or your business even more effective and will get you the improved results that you are looking for.

Personal training

At Unique Minds we offer true ‘Personal Development’. We can help you break through the barriers that stand between who you are today and who you really are, whether you know what those barriers are or not. Using NLP techniques we can assist you in bringing about change to improve your results, often in a matter of hours. The choice really is yours. (more)

Business training

Unique Minds offer a number of training courses designed to improve the performance of your staff and your business. Most business have limited resources and are always looking for ways to get maximum value from the resources they have. Our training courses use NLP tools and techniques that will enable you to maximise on the untapped resources that you have in your staff, making them much more effective n their operation and delivery. (more)

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